Windows Live Messenger Not Supporting Microsoft Life Cam VX-3000, What To Do?

Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000


Along with operating systems and softwares, Microsoft has lots of other products in the electronic market. Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 is one such type product, which is capable of capturing videos in 640-by-480 resolution. Actually this cam is compatible with windows live messenger, but some computer users said that, they are facing some problems while trying to take video after configuring the device with Windows live messenger. I think imperfection in the configuration settings is the main reason for such Microsoft problems. Go through the troubleshooting steps discussed beneath to configure Microsoft LifeCam VX-300 with Windows Live messenger.

Check out the settings

Most of the problems you are facing are due to the imperfection in the video configuration settings. So go through the settings configuration and if you find anything not normal, fix it and then restart the program again.

To set up the Microsoft LifeCam VX-300 as the default webcam for video calls using windows live messenger, install the webcam driver software on your system. Then you have to change the audio and video settings in windows live messenger. For this, click tools option from the upper right corner of your windows live messenger home screen and from the drop down list thus formed select the option called audio and video setup. For setting VX-300 as the default webcam select the particular webcam from the webcam list.

Check for missing drivers or software

Windows live messenger features

Even after configuring the LifeCam VX-300 webcam to your system, you may experience errors while trying to perform a video chat in windows live messenger; it may due to the missing of some software and drivers of the camera.  Therefore, before configuring webcam to the system, download the latest drivers and software from the internet and install it on your system.

Problems with Windows Live messenger program

Even after configuring webcam to the system, Windows live messenger won’t detect it if there is any technical trouble exists within the messaging problem, so check out the setting within the messaging program to ensure it is properly configured. If you find nothing wrong there then the problem may be due the issues within the network. To clear this, check your internet connection settings and after that restart your messaging program.

That’s all the troubleshooting techniques I had, to know more Microsoft Problems and solutions, please go through the FAQ’s given in Microsoft’s official; website. Thank you!

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