Unable To Open PDF files In Mozilla Firefox- What To Do?

Mozilla Firefox troubleshooting

Mozilla Firefox is one of the well accepted web browsers with more than 450 million users. This open source web browser is developed by the well known Mozilla Corporation, which is compatible with the windows, Linux and OS X Operating Systems.

Portable Document Format File (PDF)

PDF is the file format used to view the text and documents in hardware, software, and operating systems. Many Firefox users complain that they are getting an error message while trying to open a PDF file. But the problem is that, it’s not easy to spot out whether it’s a Firefox issue or an issue within your PDF file.

Try Foxit PDF reader

Foxit reader is a free PDF reader, and it comes with all the basic functions and web support needed for handling PDF files. Sometimes you may experience some errors while trying to open a PDF file in Foxit. But the concern is that the troubleshooting technique for this Foxit PDF Reader is complex. Therefore it’s better to download Adobe Reader or Acrobat and use that instead of Foxit PDF Reader.

Problems within the Firefox

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Sometimes the Adobe Plug-in is not set in a mode to open PDF files; you have to enable it manually. For this, tag along the tools tab and then select the applications option from the drop-down list thus appeared. Now locate Adobe Acrobat Documents option in the displayed applications list. You can easily spot out the  Adobe Acrobat plug-in, since it has got a blue rectangular symbol near to it.

If this doesn’t help to resolve your problem, then it’s better to reinstall the Adobe Plug-in. You can easily avail the plug-ins from the plug-ins category on the Firefox’s official website.

Problems within the Adobe reader

Sometimes the issues you are experiencing are due to the imperfection in the configuration settings of Adobe Reader application settings. If that is the case then re-installing the program is the only choice you have to clear this issue. You can easily download the program from the Adobe’s Official website.

Before installing the new version, Adobe suggests you to uninstall the previous version that you have installed on your system.

Additional information

If the problem is visible only in Mozilla Firefox, then you can view the PDF document outside the Firefox. For this you need to download the PDF file on your computer system.