Resolving Some Microsoft Outlook Express Problems

Outlook Express help

          Outlook Express help 

Outlook Express is a service that provides email and other helpful tools to its customers. Occasionally, Outlook Express will have an error in its system, which prevents messages from coming in or going out. If you are not able to send any messages, it is likely that you may receive an error message or a timed-out message. Your messages may not be sent out from Outlook Express because you are not successfully connected to the Internet, oe else your account settings are incorrect, or there is a problem with the Outlook Express server. The instructions given below should help you in resolving this problem with the Outlook Express program.

Instructions from Outlook Express help

  • First of all, make sure that you are connected to the Internet by opening up a new browser and typing in one of the following addresses:,, or
  • Send yourself a test email from one of these websites to see if you can send messages on the Internet without getting an error message. If the message was sent correctly, your Internet connection is working correctly.
  • Click on the Start button located on your desktop if your Internet connection was successful and you are still receiving error messages. Click on Run option located in the Start menu.
  • Type in Control Panel in the open box and press Enter. This process will bring you to a different window where you should then double-click on the word Mail, which will bring you to the Mail Setup box.
  • Click on Show Profiles under the Mail Setup page and click on When Starting Microsoft Outlook Express, Use This Profile under the General tab. Follow the page to click Prompt, then Add.

    Outlook Express server

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  • Type in your email profile name under the Profile Name box and click OK. Wait for the next window to load.
  • Click on Add a New Email Account under the Email Accounts tab and then click Next. On the next screen, select the appropriate server type for your email and click Next, enter all your account information and click Next, then click Finish and then OK. This process will clear up the settings on your Outlook Express and allow you to send messages.

Follow these simple instructions from Outlook Express help and support team in order to resolve the message sending problems in the Outlook Express program.