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The Wall Street Journal recently reported, based on revelations by research firm Gartner, that 2.4 billion devices including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones were sold this year, comprising a 4.2% step over the year before. It is predicted by Gartner that PC shipments will go down until 2015. This is based on the projection that business customers using Windows XP will be upgrading their computers to another operating system. It is assumed that there will be as many as 60 million PC replacements, with these being in the developed market alone.

Globally, this would not be considered as a sales wave, considering the fact that the PC market has actually slowed down its fall, from 9.5% in 2013 to 2.9% this year. This is a “relative revival”, according to Gartner. By 2015, PC shipments are expected to rise by a meager 2.7% to around 317 million units. Traditional PCs however, as estimated, will take a fall of 6.7% this year and 5.3% the one after.

Most people are no longer interested in being tied to a heavy computing option, even a laptop. What’s more widely popular is the hybrid tablet device option. Windows XP help team assumes that the global sales on tablet is expected to go up by 23.9% this year alone, up to approx 256 million units, with mobile phone sales rising by 3.1% meanwhile.

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Windows XP having been the second most popular operating system that they came up with, Microsoft had been hoping that dumping it would give their Windows 8 platform a fighting chance. It is clearly not the only reason that PC sales have hit a symbolic bottom, or soon will, and even after being cut off from mainstream support in April, it is still the second most used operating system in the world. It currently holds a global user share of about 25%.

Discontinuation of Windows XP help essentially rendered the OS prone to increased malware and security threats, with some business customers paying the manufacturer for extension of support for another 5 years. The alternate would require converting corporate computer to Windows 8, the cost of which could come up in the millions.

Most users favor upgrading to the upcoming Windows 9, Microsoft’s next release that is scheduled for release next year. Reportedly, it will contain a Start menu, as well as other features which were notably absent in Windows 8. Until the release, most users are content to stretch their computing out with XP, or Windows 7, which is scheduled for EOS in 2015.

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Fix Issue With PST Files In Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is by far the most used email manager program. Millions around the world use the program daily for managing their emails easily. One of the major properties of Outlook program is that you would be able to check and manage the emails once they have been downloaded to the program, even if there is no internet connection. One of the main reasons for Outlook errors and issues is due to the corruption of PST files.

If you have no idea about PST files, PST stands for personal storage table and Outlook program stores all the user details like emails, contacts, calendar details etc in these files. So if some corruption occurs on the PST files, the program will refuse to start or sometimes will not show some important emails or details. Help with Outlook forums advice users to make a backup of the Outlook data and files at regular intervals so that they will be able to retrieve their data if something happens to the program.

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The main reason for saying that you need to take a backup of the PST files is due to their notoriety in facing vulnerabilities. Even simple issues like power failure or improper shutting down of the program will result in the corruption of the PST files. However, there is nothing to worry if you do come across some corruption issues, as there are many tools in the market that claim to fix the issues with PST files. One thing that most Outlook users do not know is about the Outlook Inbox Repair tool. This is a special tool, which is embedded with all Outlook versions and helps in fixing the corruption issues related with PST files.

Help with Outlook articles suggest that you launch the program if you are looking to fix the corruption issues with the Outlook PST files. The tool can be located by search for scanpst.exe in the Windows explorer. When the system shows the results, launch the program by double clicking on it and follow the prompts shown in the program for fixing the issues with PST file corruption. In most cases, the tool will fix the issues with the Outlook application, however in some cases, you will have to run some advanced repair tool.

However if the tool was not helpful in fixing the issues with your Outlook email client, feel free to contact our Outlook help and support team.

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Displaying Hidden Files In Windows 8

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One of the default settings in Windows 8 computers is that the system files and folders are hidden. With this feature, it is not possible to use these files and folders in most of the programs such as file explorers and more. This is to ensure that users do not delete, move or modify these files by mistake. With reference to some of the tutorials, it is also evident that it is difficult to change these settings. Hence, it is also difficult to find specific files and folders that are hidden in the system.

The method to change the settings is the same in Windows 8 but the way to access the right settings has changed due to the changes made in the Start menu. You might need to view different files and folders when you are planning to do Windows 8 transfer.

Instructions to unhide files in Windows 8

  • Go to the Windows 8 Start Screen, by hitting the Windows Key. Skip the step if you are already there.
  • Just start typing Folder Option and hit Enter; you will find a search result based on what you typed to the right hand side of the screen. From the list, select Folder Options.
  • This will take you to the Desktop Screen and will have the window to make changes to folder options open.
  • Here you will have to switch to the View tab.
  • Find the Show Hidden Files, Folders, And Drives option and enable the same.

    Hidden Files And Folders

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  • The other options like Hide Empty Drives In The Computer Folder, Hide Protected Operating System Files and Hide Extensions For Known File Types can be unchecked.
  • The moment you Apply the Changes, all the hidden files and folders will be visible, after which you can proceed with Windows 8 transfer of files and folders.

The option that you need to enable which is of core importance is the Show-Hidden Files And Folders from the Folder Options menu. There are certain attributes the NTFS system assigns to the files and folders, one of which is the hidden file attribute.

The settings in Windows 8 are set in such a way that unless and until you change the preferences of hidden files, certain files remain hidden. You will not be able to find them at any cost. Microsoft sets some of the files and folders in the system as important and hence they remain hidden by default.

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Microsoft Open Technologies Reveals Support For More Open Source Projects To Azure

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Recently, in the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), the software giant Microsoft’s Open Technologies announced the forging of new partnership with Packer.io and OpenNebula, open source communities. The main reason for such a partnership is for enabling the interoperability of applications and services across various technology providers. This is great news for all, because such partnerships help complementing a wide and diverse set of open source solutions to Microsoft technologies. In this Microsoft help line article, we will have a look at these partners in short.

OpenNebula is a tool that has been developed for organizing and managing heterogeneous data center infrastructures. It supports hybrid cloud implementations on Microsoft Azure. Because of this, many current OpenNebula users, mostly huge telecom firms, can now transfer their preferred applications to Microsoft’s cloud service.

The Chief Architect of the OpenNebula project mentioned that they believe in the combination and co-existence of public and private cloud. According to the expert, the whole OpenNebula team is excited about the possibility of on-demand access to one of the popular cloud providers in the market, for those who are using the hybrid model.

The president of Microsoft Open Technologies Jean Paoli mentioned that the partnership with OpenNebula has introduced various useful plugins for enabling open source toolkit to be made available for building hybrid cloud deployments, that too, around Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Experts over Microsoft help line highlight that when it comes to Packer, the software giant aims to allow developers the opportunity to create their own customized images. After that, it is would be possible for them to save it to Azure’s blob storage. From there it can be quickly launched.

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Amazingly, the new partnership with Packer.io will provide Packer plug-ins for the Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V platforms. This will prove to be an excellent opportunity for enabling developers and IT professionals for using Packer tools. They can use it to generate entirely provisioned machine images, which can then easily be accessed on both the platforms.

There is also support made available, for Hyper-V on Windows Server. As mentioned earlier, the support for Microsoft Azure has now been included allowing developers to save machine image to Azure blob storage.

We can conclude by referring to what Jean Paoli said about openness and importance of the move. He said that openness is how Microsoft always does their business, and added that building open platforms that provide value to their clients, customers, partners and developers are of utmost importance.

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Steps To Bookmark A Vista Support Center Article

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The Help and Support Center of Windows Vista operating system ties directly to the Windows Help Website. If you know the steps, you can bookmark a specific Windows Vista Help and Support Center article very easily. After opening the Web page, you will also be able to save the URL address, print the article or bring up more than one article at the same time. Everything that the users can do with Firefox web browser can be done with the Help article.

The tips that are shared below will help you to bookmark a Windows Vista Support center article very easily.


  • Locate the help article that you wish to refer later. In this article, we will start with the Which CD or DVD Format Should I Use article.
  • You will have to right click on the body of the article and then select View Source.
  • A Notepad window will be opened that contains the actual HTML source code of the help article. You will be able to see a mess of gobbledygook like shown in the Notepad window.
  • You will then have to look for 36-character ID number of the article. It will be placed immediately after the text that looks like mshelp://windows/?id=
  • Select the text and then press Ctrl and C buttons together to copy the text to the Windows Clipboard.
  • Open your favorite web browser and then navigate to the website windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-US/Help/ followed by the 36-digit ID number that you have copied and then .mspx.
  • The help and support article will now open in your web browser.

As Microsoft makes use of non-standard formatting on its web pages, you will notice that there are some formatting differences

Non-Standard Formatting

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between the web page article and the Help and Support Center article. There can be more formatting differences depending on the browser that you use. The contents of both the pages will be identical regardless of the appearance.

You will be able to use the website any way you would use a normal website. For instance, you will be able to,

  • Bookmark the website or the Help article.
  • Open a new tab with the website/Help article.
  • Copy the link and then put it in an email message.
  • Drag a shortcut to the website or Help article on your desktop.

These are the steps to bookmark a Windows Vista Help and Support article.

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