Instructions To Backup Email In Outlook

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Outlook is one of the most popular email client used for both personal and official use. Outlook is a complete package of different useful functions that users need while organizing their email messages. Though Outlook is a great application, it might run into issues at times. There are many issues namely PST corruption, Outlook not responding and many more. Though most of them can be resolved quickly, in most cases of file corruption, it might be necessary to reinstall Outlook.

When you uninstall and reinstall Outlook, you will lose all the important emails and information in the program. This is where a backup would be helpful. Even if you reinstall Outlook, you can still import all the emails that you have a backup of. Here is a list of instructions from OmniTech guides that according to OmniTech reviews is the simplest method to reinstall the program.


  • Open Microsoft Outlook from the Start menu.
  • From the Outlook window, click on the File menu from the taskbar.
  • From the menu, choose the option Import.
  • Choose Export to a File, under Choose an action to perform. Click on the Next button.
  • Choose Outlook Data File (.Pst), from under the Create a file of type. Click on Next.
  • Now select the folder with the names such as Sent items, Inbox, Drafts, and all those folders that you want to take a backup of. Click on Next.
  • Move to the position where you want to save the files and folders.
  • Choose the option Replace Duplicates with Items Exported and then click on Finish.
  • With this, you have backed up data successfully, if you do not find any error message at the end of the process.

While saving backup emails, it is advisable that you save them in a DVD or USB flash drive.

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  • Open Outlook, click on the File menu, from the options, choose Info. Click on the Account Settings option.
  • Click on Account Settings once again, then on Data Files tab.
  • Highlight Account and then click on Open File Location.
  • With this, you will be able to get a list of all the .pst files available in the computer.
  • Choose and copy all the PST files to the desired location.

According to OmniTech reviews, it is best to make use of a backup tool for Outlook so that you can create one easily and have it store all important data periodically.

Steps To Configure The Outlook Program

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If you are confused on how to configure the Outlook program, you can read ahead to know more on the simple steps to configure it. The steps are relatively simple and can be followed very easily.


  • When the prompt to Create a new email account or newsgroup is displayed on the screen, you will need to choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types.
  • Click of the Next button to display a new window that says Add new e-mail account
  • You can then follow the steps that are displayed in the wizard or you may manually make an email account by making changes to the preferences or settings.
  • If you wish to go by the manual method, you will need to click on Tools, that is located on the top bar and then choose Account Settings.
  • Now you can click on the New button, then choose Mail and then the Next button. You will be taken to the Add New E-mail Account window.
  • Type in your name, email address and password into the corresponding fields. After typing in the details, you need to select Remember password so that you need not enter the password every time you try to log into the Outlook program.
  • Choose IMAP, POP3 or Microsoft Exchange from the drop down list that you can access by clicking on Account Type.
  • You can then type in the important incoming and outgoing mail server addresses as SMTP and IMAP followed by the correct extensions. You can get these details from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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  • Now type in the port numbers for the SMTP and IMAP servers and then click on the Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) if you need to log into the program using SPA.
  • To test the email account that you have just created, you can click on the Test Account Settings button. This will send a test message to check the Outlook settings that you have just made.
  • If you wish to make more changes to the email account, you can click on More Settings button and then type in the necessary information.

These are the simple steps to configure the Outlook program as per the Omni Tech Support team. If you go online and search for Omni Tech Support, you will be able to see references like Omni Tech Support ripoff. You can read the reviews about the firm written by genuine users to understand that the reference Omni Tech Support ripoff is completely wrong.

The Working Of Online Scams

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You may have heard of many tech support scams that are doing the rounds around the internet. You can also become a victim of such scams and it is good to know about these to prevent the scammers. There are many victims of the online scams nowadays. Internet is a great place for the scammers and other fraudsters as they will be able to do business without providing their actual identity and other details. This is the reason why Internet has become the favorite place of the scammers and other fraud businesspersons.

There are different types of online scams and the most prevalent ones are tech support scams. Technical support scams are very frequent in the Internet and even today, many users are becoming victims of these. In tech support scams, someone will call you and will tell you that they are calling from some legitimate tech support firm. Here, they will not have to prove their identity as they will be calling you over the phone. This is the advantage of online tech support. The person will tell you that your computer is infected and that they will need to access your PC for further investigation on the infection.

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You may panic when you hear that your computer is infected and you may allow the person to access your PC. The fake tech support person will access your PC via Internet and may run some phony antivirus program on it. As the program is fake, the scan results will also be fake and it may show that your computer is having numerous infections. Seeing the result of the scan, you will panic more. Now the fake tech support technician will tell you that you will need to buy the complete version of the antivirus program to get rid of all the infections.

You may pay for the useless program out of panic and this may be a huge amount. This is the usual course of things that happen in online support scams. They may also ask you to pay for the updates and services for the antivirus program at a later time and you may lose even more money. The best way to avoid these fake tech support persons is to not allow anyone access to your computer unless you have contacted the tech support firm to fix some technical issues in your PC yourself.

Nevertheless, there are genuine tech support firms like OmniTech Support that help people fix issues with their computers systematically. You may call such tech support services and get apt assistance when you face technical issues.

How To Install/Reinstall Outlook?

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If you do not have Microsoft Outlook installed on your PC or if the program is corrupted, a fresh installation of the application is recommended. The following steps will take you through the process of installing Microsoft Outlook on your PC. Before you proceed, make sure that you have a valid license key to activate the software after the installation. If you bump into any issues during the installation stage, feel free to consult the experts at our Omnitech support desk for quick assistance.


If you have installed Microsoft Office suite on your PC already, Outlook installation will be quite easy. You can install or reinstall the program from the Microsoft Office files already stored in your computer. Follow the steps given below for the same.

  • Close all running applications before you get started with Outlook installation.
  • Now, go to the Start button and choose Control Panel from the resulting menu. This will open the Control Panel screen. Locate and click the Add/Remove programs icon in the Control Panel screen. This will open the Add/Remove Programs window. You will find a list containing all the programs you have in the PC.
  • Scroll down the list to locate Microsoft Office. After locating it, highlight it.
  • Select the Change/Remove button from the blue selection bar.

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  • A dialogue box will appear now, requesting you to specify the action to proceed. Click the option that says Add or remove features.
  • Select the Continue button located at the bottom right end of the window. This will display the list of all the programs bundled with your Microsoft Office suite. Choose Microsoft Outlook in the list and select the option that says Run from my computer. Select the Continue button to go to the next stage.
  • Outlook installation will begin now. Read the onscreen directions carefully to reply to the prompts correctly.
  • Upon the completion of the installation, you will be prompted to restart the PC. Make sure that the PC is restarted. This will make sure that the changes you made in the Control Panel settings take effect immediately.

You have successfully installed/reinstalled Outlook in your computer. When you launch Outlook for the first time, you will be prompted to configure your email account in it. You can set up any of your POP3 or IMAP email accounts in Outlook. Get in touch with our Omnitech support desk if you need any technical support for setting up your email account or newsgroup in Outlook.

Take Precautions To Avoid Fake Omni Tech Support Websites

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Beware Of Fake Tech Support Sites

All internet users are aware of the fact that there are plenty of fake websites and scam sites online. It is only when you fall prey to one such website that you realise how sophisticated and well designed these websites are. For example, a first time visitor might not be able to distinguish between the Omni Tech Support ripoff website and the real one. This is how many of the users fall prey to these online scams.

Steer clear of the fake OmniTech Support websites

You will come across many such fake sites for every popular website or service online. When you use a search engine for locating the official website, some of these fake websites will show up in the results. As mentioned earlier, the first time visitors might not know which one is real and which one is fake. Some of them are likely to visit one of the Omni Tech Support ripoff website and provide their credit card information thinking that they will be getting quality service for their money’s worth.

This is how sophisticated hackers operate online. They set up fake websites that bear a similar name to the official website they are imitating. Even the website design will look very similar. It is very easy to fall for these scams, if you are not careful.

About the official Omni Tech Support website

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Now, there is only one official Omni Tech Support website online. They also have an affiliated website called Customer Focus Services. These two are only places, where you can get the official Omni Tech Support service. Any other website that you come across online is obviously fake. It is easy to figure this out if you have bothered to do a bit of research about the company you are planning to subscribe to, before you actually make the payment.

This is something most of us fail to do in our hurry to find the solution to some tech problem we are facing in our systems. Omni Tech Support is a registered company located in Los Angeles, California and it is also registered with the Better Business Bureau. Visit the official BBB website and search for Omni Tech Support. You will only get one result and it will show that the company has received the top BBB rating of A+ for the last few years.

For all these reasons, make sure that you sign up for the official OmniTech Support service today itself.

Troubleshooting 0x800ccc78 Error In Outlook Express

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Users of the Outlook Express program may have faced the Outlook Express error 0x800CCC78 at least once in their life. This error usually occurs when the email address is rejected by the server. This can be due to an incorrect or invalid recipient, issues in the setup of the Outlook Express program or due to the presence of corrupted Windows files. Many of the tech support firms offer support guides that can help you get rid of the issues in the Outlook program and other issues with your computer. This article discusses the OmniTech Support guidelines that you can perform to get rid of the error 0x800CCC78 in the program.


  • Open the Outlook Express program if it is not open already.
  • In the program interface, click on Tools and then select Accounts.
  • In the Internet Accounts window, select the Mail tab to highlight it. Click to view your email profile and click on the Properties button.
  • Now in the Properties window, click to select the Servers tab and then check the Incoming And Outgoing Email Sever settings. If you find any issues in them, you will need to erase them and then type in the correct ones.

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  • Now you will need to verify if the account name, that is your full email address, and the passwords are entered correctly. You should understand that typographic errors could lead to this issue. The next thing that you need to ensure is that the Log on using Secure Password authentication box is unchecked. If you find that this box is checked, you will need to uncheck the box and then check My server requires authentication.
  • Now you can click on the Settings button. Check the radio button near Use same settings as my incoming mail server. Delete and then retype the email address into the boxes. Check the Remember Password box and then click the OK button.

These are the steps to fix the error 0x800CCC78 in Outlook Express program as per the Omnitech support guides. There are even more steps in these guides that you can try to get rid of various issues in your PC, but many people in the tech world are referring to Omni Tech Support as OmniTech Support scam. You can read the reviews about this firm posted by various users online to understand that the reference OmniTech Support scam is completely wrong and falsely fabricated.

Procedure For Changing The Password Of Your Outlook PST File

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It is now becoming a standard procedure in many organisations to change the system and software passwords every now and then to guard against online scams and malware infections. This being the case, all employees in the organisation will be asked to use a new password for their Outlook PST files and the other important work-related data.

How to change the Outlook PST file password

Microsoft Outlook, especially the Enterprise version, comes with many such security options for ensuring that the data stored in the mail client cannot be opened by anyone else. For example, when you are adding the email accounts to Outlook, you will see the option for saving the account password to the email client. If there is a chance of someone else gaining access to your system – which is certainly a possibility in an office environment – , then you need to ensure that this option is unchecked.

But, this means that you will have to go through the inconvenience of entering the password every time you want to use Outlook. Another security feature is the option for password-locking your Outlook Personal Folders. Your Personal Folders are stored in the PST file. You need to set up a password for this file to guard it against data theft and online scams.

As a security precaution, change this password every three months or so. Follow this procedure for doing it. Go to the File menu in Outlook and select the Data File Management option. This will now launch the Account Settings window. Here, go to the Data Files tab, click on the option Personal Folders. Now, click on the Settings option displayed above Personal Folders. Then go to the General tab and select the option Change Password.

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You will now see the Change Password window on the screen. You need to type in the old password in the first text field and the new password twice in the two remaining text fields. This is necessary to ensure that you did not commit any typing errors when assigning the new password. If you want to remove the password for the PST file, just enter the old password alone and leave the remaining two text fields blank. When you click on theOK button, these changes will be applied to the PST file stored in the email client.

In the event of you losing or forgetting the password, contact our online tech support desk for assistance with the password recovery.

Beware Of Prevailing Tech Support Scams

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The scams and frauds based on technical support services are on the rise. There are many genuine technical support firms that can help you fix the issues in your computer very easily and then there are the fake tech support firms. These firms act like legitimate support firms try to rob you out of your money. This is the reason why you should be much carful while contacting a firm to resolve the technical difficulties that you are facing while using your computer or any other electronic devices.

Recently, Microsoft has filed cases against some of the fake tech support firms, as these firms are just eating away the business of Microsoft. The working pattern of these fake tech support firms is much simple and they usually aim at the basic computer users who do not know much about computers. They will call up the victim and will tell him or her that they are calling from some technical support firm, say Microsoft support. The person will tell the user that their computer is infected and that he or she will need to access the computer of the user to remove the infections.

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Normally the victim may allow the technician to access the PC over the Internet. The fake tech support person will run some rogue antivirus program on the user’s computer. The antivirus program will be a fake one and it will be notified in the scan result that the computer is infected and that there are numerous viruses, trojans and other infections in the computer. The trap here is that the user will need to buy the premium version of the fake antivirus program to get rid of the infections. Obviously, the program will be fake and the user will end up losing his or her hard-earned money.

This is the usual mode of operation of tech support scammers. They exploit the fear of these users by saying that their computer will get infected if they browse the Internet. This is the reason you should not allow any unauthorized person to access your PC. The best way to ensure that you are contacting the genuine tech support firm is to search online for the reviews about the firm. Recently, OmniTech Support has been in news with rumors that they are fake support guys and that they are doing OmniTech Support ripoff.

You can check out the reviews of the support firm available online to see that the usage OmniTech Support ripoff is totally wrong. Make sure to avoid fake pages with similar domain names, contact the official Omnitech Support desk at all times!

Finding A Quality Support Service For Your Windows 7 System

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The latest desktop market figures indicate that Windows 7 is maintaining its strong lead over all the rival operating systems including the latest Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. In fact, after registering a small increase in the last few months, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 market share have come down a little. Their combined market share was marginally above Windows XP’s for a month or two. But, that is not the case any longer.

Windows 7 Mainstream support is over

Windows 7 OS users should know that the mainstream support period for their OS has come to an end. By the time you read this article, the January 13 deadline for Windows 7 Mainstream support will be over and the five year Extended Support period will kick in. This Extended Support service will be available until January 14, 2020.

However, the name Extended Support for this service might be slightly misleading. All you are going to get for free is the security updates that Microsoft releases on a regular basis. For any other technical assistance, you might be asked to pay a certain amount as service charge. So, it might be a cheaper option to subscribe to quality tech support from third party service providers like OmniTech Support.

However, you need to be aware of the many OmniTech Support scam sites set up online by hackers. You will no doubt come across a few of them when you search online for the official OmniTech Support website. Steer clear of them and sign up for the service only from their official website.

Third Party Support Services

Support Service For Windows 7

When it comes to Windows OS, you are likely to face many number of problems during your use. Some of the minor problems can be corrected by referring to the troubleshooting articles provided in the Microsoft support websites. But, if you need assistance from a tech support professional, calling Microsoft support is no longer the option now that the mainstream support for Windows 7 has expired. As mentioned earlier, you will be charged for this.

You can get the same quality support for cheaper rates from third party support services like Omni Tech Support. They employ well qualified and experienced technicians, who can easily resolve any problems you might be facing in the system.

You just need to contact them in the event of a problem through the help line numbers or the voice chat support line. But, make sure that you are not visiting one of those fake OmniTech Support scam websites mentioned above.

How Effective Is Omni Tech Support To Deal With Outlook Issues?

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Email has become an important mode of communication in recent years. We can ensure instant delivery of messages to the recipients through email. I used to access my email account through Outlook, one of the popular email client applications out there. However, I started to notice a few errors while using Outlook for email communication. One of the problems that I had to deal with was the slow loading of the application. First, I suspected that it was due to the internet connection. However, later on I realized that there was no error with the internet connection. I could sign into my email account from the web interface without any issues. The problem was only when I tried to access my mail through Outlook.

When I discussed the matter with one of colleagues, he suggested that I should contact the developer of my email client to get the issue resolved. But then I realized that I used an outdated Outlook version which didn’t receive any tech support from the developer. He then suggested me to try out any of the third party online tech support providers like Omnitech support. That idea stuck me. I contacted Omni Tech support desk right away. They asked me whether I was okay with subscribing to any of their subscription plans. Since I was in great need of getting my Outlook program working, I agreed to subscribe to one of their basic support plans. I found the fee quite affordable.

Omni Tech support experts help me deal with Outlook problems

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Omni Tech Support

As per the directions from the experts at Omni Tech support desk, I let them take remote access of my PC in which I had the corrupted Outlook application. They were pretty quick in pinpointing the cause of the problems and fixing them. After the diagnosis of the issue, they told me that I had lot of add-ins in Outlook and the slow loading issue with my Outlook application was due to this. I allowed them to disable some of the unwanted add-ins. Thereupon, I was told to restart Outlook. After the restart, I found that Outlook was back to its default performance.

The Omni Tech experts sent me a few links where I could find free solutions to frequent Outlook problems. By contacting Omni Tech support, I not only got the issue fixed but also learnt how to fix minor Outlook problems on my own. I am self-sufficient now to deal with many of the Outlook problems and I give Omnitech support desk the full credit for that.