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Can you picture a world without computers? No way! We are so much dependent on the electronic machines that we cannot imagine living without it. We use the computer for so many activities, processes, and things that our lives are dependent on its smooth functioning. Businesses, homes and everywhere theses devices are there in one form or the other. If a computer machine at your business is not working properly, then it has the potential to jeopardize your business productivity. Since businesses require computer for various purposes, they need it to be functional always.

However, the problem arises, when your computer is not working or there are some issues in your computer that you are not able to resolve. You cannot afford a long downtime. This is why in large companies there are dedicated IT departments that look into computer related matters. These departments set certain IT rules so as to protect the systems used in the company. If there are issues, there are dedicated resident technicians to resolve it. What about those companies that cannot afford an IT department of their own? These companies hire computer repair services. Some companies just call technicians to resolve the issue.

Now, the problem here is that most technicians that are willing to come to the site are inexperienced. This is because expert technicians are always busy with various other tasks. These inexperienced technicians may not have the complete technical knowhow to tackle every kind of issues that may occur in your organization. If the issue is complex, the technician may not be skilled enough to repair it. So the repair process is further delayed. Delayed repair process means excess downtime. Again, excess downtime means loss of productivity. This cannot be afforded, if you are running a small business. You need something different, far more reliable. This is where Omni Tech Support comes into picture.

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Omni Tech Support (OTS) is a Los Angeles based provider of remote tech support. The computer problem resolution services provided by Omni Tech Support (OTS) are simply one of the best available in the technical and computer repair industry.

OmniTech guides users into resolving various issues through its various features available to their customers. These OmniTech guides and services include live chat sessions, connecting with a technical support person, and the popular Remote Management Services (RMS).

The best aspect of Omni Tech Support is that the computer repair services company offers highly reliable quality tech support. The best part is that the IT solution is offered at affordable prices.  Try OTS yourself and know the quality first hand!

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Personalize Your Signature In Outlook Webmail

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           Outlook Support

Your Outlook signature is an individual expression, which gets added to every email you send from the account. The signature can be set to appear automatically for every outgoing message, after you set it up in Outlook. The message can also be something you’re forwarding, or a reply message. You can delete this signature just the way you would with any other text in the email.

How to configure a signature

  • Click on the settings gear on the website.
  • Go to the More mail settings option in the Writing Email section.
  • In the Personal Signature field, enter the signature you wish to use in
  • Hit Save when done.

Using rich text formatting in the signature

  • When using the editor to enter your signature for Outlook, you’ll see a Plain Text button on the toolbar. Click this to bring up the alternate Rich text option in a separate menu.
  • The HTML source code for the signature can be edited using the Edit in HTML option under the same menu.

Tips for the signature

  • The ideal length for your signature is under 5 lines of text. This can be anything you want it to be – funny, intriguing, a quote, your address, etc; only, keep it brief. Too long, the signature can become an eyesore. If it takes up as much space as the body of the message, it’s hard to decide which to look at. This is doubly true in the case of heavily formatted HTML signatures.

    Tech Help

                   Configure A Signature

  • You can use the signature delimiter (““) in your email signature in Outlook. The site will not add this automatically, so you’d have to do it yourself. Now as a common standard, you see the “” commonly used alone in a line. This is done on Usenet, as well as in emails. There is a white-space after the two short dashes.

For more such useful information, check out the tech help posts here. For assistance with your Windows PC issues and problems, you may call Omni Tech support service. We offer the best solutions for Office and Windows. Contact us, and avail quick and effective issue resolution.

Omni Tech support has recently been the victim of undue and meritless scam accusations. We are working to rectify the situation, with some success. To this end, we invite opportunities to expand our base of loyal and satisfied customers.

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My OmniTech Support Service Experience

Omni Tech Support Scam

                 Best Support Service

There is a lot to using my computer that I’ll never understand. This is in spite of having the same machine for the past 10 years, although I’ve upgraded the OS and hardware a few times. I always had someone to help when stuff went wrong with it, such as when the internet stopped working, or I formatted a drive by mistake. But I tend to tamper too, and it seems hard to stop the habit. However, I’m not that good at fixing problems on the computer. In fact, most times I’m no good at all.

One of these days, I found something I was sure was a spyware problem. I still had an antivirus installed at the time, but that wasn’t good enough to stop that. I figured I’d do the same as most people do and call tech support.

The first number I found was for an IT solutions service called OmniTech Support. Now I didn’t have any experience at calling phone support, so I kept my expectations low. I’d remembered hearing Omni Tech Support scam stories, and so I reminded myself to only pay after getting the issue fixed. But there were also many satisfied customer stories online, which was the main reason I chose to go with them.

Phone Support

               Tech Support Service

When I called, I didn’t have to wait long for someone to answer. I explained the situation to the staff, and I remember how politely he handled the call. At first, he tried to guide me through a basic check of the computer, but even I knew that was a waste of time. He must have thought so too, because he said he would try something from his end. He asked if I was ok with allowing remote access, and I agreed when he said I could disconnect at any time I wanted. So, the rep set it up, and the cursor started moving around. And he talked me through the motions, when he ran a scan with the advanced settings changed. Turned out that it actually was a malware problem, and the whole thing took just 10 minutes to fix.

This was really good, courteous service, and not too costly either. Whoever wrote that stuff about an Omni Tech Support scam, clearly didn’t have the same person helping them out as I did. Maybe they called the wrong number. Because if this is the kind of experience I can look forward to, I’m going to get a subscription soon.

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Leave Your Computer Problems In The Hands Of Certified Professionals

Omni Tech Support Ripoff

Impeccable OmniTech Support Services

It is easy to be duped online, when you are only seeing a website and not the people running it. The many Omni Tech Support ripoff sites online indeed are taking advantage of this. These Omni Tech Support ripoff websites will have the same look and feel of the original site that they are so cleverly imitating. But, surely, the personnel answering your call would not be a certified tech support professional.

Certified tech support service for your firm

On the other hand, the original OmniTech Support services have hundreds of certified professionals handling the calls from their customers. It is better to subscribe to their services directly from their official website rather than through any of their affiliated websites. Officially, they only have one affiliate website, Customer Focus Services. You will be getting the same quality professional service from them as well.

Most of us use Microsoft products in our offices, especially the different Windows operating system versions and the MS Office Suite applications. You should know that Microsoft has many tech support certification programs for their software products. If you want to get technical assistance from Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE), then you need to sign up for the annual or half-yearly OmniTech service package.

These MCSE professionals are experts when it comes to dealing with issues in Windows OS, MS Word, OneNote, MS Excel, Outlook and all other Office software applications. They will know how to fix any technical problems that might pop up, while using these Microsoft products.

Service Package Tech Support Options

Service Package
Tech Support Options

You just have to contact them in the event of a problem and they will offer the tech support through different channels like Live Chat support, Helpline numbers, Remote Access feature, etc. The Remote Access option is indeed very convenient, since you do not have to execute any troubleshooting steps yourself. The tech support personnel accessing your system will make the changes on your system, thereby fixing the errors.

For this, they will be installing some client application on your system or will make use of the Remote Access feature in the OS for the purpose. A link would have to be established to their main tech server this way and for this, you have to grant permission to get through the Firewall system set up in your office network.

With many such tech support options available, it is indeed a smart idea to sign up for a tech service like this and make sure that your business operations stay uninterrupted on account of any technical glitches.

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Make Use Of The OmniTech Support Articles, Videos And Guides

Omni Tech Support Guides

  About Omni Tech Support Services

It is not always easy to make sense of the different options and features in a new software application on your own. You might have to rely on tech support articles and tutorial videos for this purpose. Indeed, you will find many such Omni Tech Support guides for different software products on this site.

Making use of Omni Tech Support guides and tutorials

A good example is Windows 8, which has a different user interface and OS structure than the previous Windows versions. Many Windows 8 users find it difficult to understand the new changes and identify the changed location of different OS options and settings. The minimalist UI without the traditional Start Menu makes it worse. So, naturally, there arose a huge demand for quality tutorial videos and ‘How-To’ articles about Windows 8.

If you go through the OmniTech Support website, you will find plenty of such quality tech support articles that guide through the different options and features in Windows 8. Similarly, articles on many other software products like different Windows OS versions, MS Office products, email client programs, chat applications, etc. are also available there.

All these articles are available for free access. You do not need to subscribe for some support services package for exploring these informative articles. Indeed, many of the technical problems and their solutions are discussed in these blog posts in depth, and you can fix some of the issues you are facing by simply following the instructions.

Free Tech Support

         Call OmniTech Support

In addition to that, you can always get in touch with the tech support personnel through the 24/7 helpline number and chat support channels provided on the website. However, remember that the free tech support service through the helpline number is limited to 15-minute duration only. After this, you would be asked to subscribe for the services provided.

Paying for such expert service is indeed a good idea, as you can be sure that the issue will be resolved in no time. However, you will find that a much less expensive option would be to sign up for any of the OmniTech Support service plans. Services like PC optimization, system maintenance, monthly systems check-up, virus and malware removal, and round-the-clock support from certified professionals are all included in their packages. So, sign up for the OmniTech services today!

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