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It is not always easy to make sense of the different options and features in a new software application on your own. You might have to rely on tech support articles and tutorial videos for this purpose. Indeed, you will find many such Omni Tech Support guides for different software products on this site.

Making use of Omni Tech Support guides and tutorials

A good example is Windows 8, which has a different user interface and OS structure than the previous Windows versions. Many Windows 8 users find it difficult to understand the new changes and identify the changed location of different OS options and settings. The minimalist UI without the traditional Start Menu makes it worse. So, naturally, there arose a huge demand for quality tutorial videos and ‘How-To’ articles about Windows 8.

If you go through the OmniTech Support website, you will find plenty of such quality tech support articles that guide through the different options and features in Windows 8. Similarly, articles on many other software products like different Windows OS versions, MS Office products, email client programs, chat applications, etc. are also available there.

All these articles are available for free access. You do not need to subscribe for some support services package for exploring these informative articles. Indeed, many of the technical problems and their solutions are discussed in these blog posts in depth, and you can fix some of the issues you are facing by simply following the instructions.

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In addition to that, you can always get in touch with the tech support personnel through the 24/7 helpline number and chat support channels provided on the website. However, remember that the free tech support service through the helpline number is limited to 15-minute duration only. After this, you would be asked to subscribe for the services provided.

Paying for such expert service is indeed a good idea, as you can be sure that the issue will be resolved in no time. However, you will find that a much less expensive option would be to sign up for any of the OmniTech Support service plans. Services like PC optimization, system maintenance, monthly systems check-up, virus and malware removal, and round-the-clock support from certified professionals are all included in their packages. So, sign up for the OmniTech services today!

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Things To Consider Before Upgrading To Windows 8

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The tech giant Microsoft is putting its best efforts to ensure that people working with old operating systems are upgrading to the latest versions. There are few Omni tech support ripoff sites trying to gain the trust of users in the meantime. They promise them to help upgrade to Windows 8 and scam the users. To avoid all that, here is some information that would help you with the upgrade.

The first thing that you need to check is whether you are eligible for a downloadable upgrade to Windows 8 irrespective of the operating system you use such as Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 7. Our genuine Omni tech services say that you will have to pay for this upgrade, which costs about 39.9 dollars if you have already owned the above-mentioned operating systems.

There are various options to get a copy of Windows 8 Pro. You can purchase a boxed version of Windows 8 Pro upgrade for 69.99 dollars. With an extra 15 dollars, Microsoft lets you have a copy of Windows 8 Pro in a DVD. Another option, which is the easiest, is to download the upgrade and burn it into a DVD or any other bootable device such as a USB. You do not have to pay to burn the disk to a bootable device.

There are two versions available for the customers even though there are about four in total. Consumers can purchase only Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8. Enterprise version is available only for large-volume purchases from a corporate office whereas the Windows RT is available only for those who purchase tablets. 64-bit version is commonly available with Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT, while both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available on all three.

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Talking about the hardware requirements, Omni tech services advise you to have all the lasted drivers for optimum performance. However, one of the basic requirements is a processor that is 1GHz or faster. For a 64-bit system, you need a minimum of 2-GB RAM and for a 32-bit system, you need minimum 1-GB RAM. Hard disk space for 64-bit computers is about 20GB and for 32-bit computers it is 16GB. Since there is a necessity of better graphics, DirectX9 graphics along with WDDM driver or higher driver is required.

Omni Tech Support Ripoff sites have tricked people promising to help them with the Windows 8 upgrade, with absolutely no knowledge about the same. This has only lead to issues creeping up in the computers. Hence, it is important that users stay vigilant and prevent any mishaps.

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Windows Phone Skype App Gets Some Cool Updates

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Windows Phone 8 OS is no longer affected by the lack of quality apps, which was a big problem for the users early on. These days, new apps and updates are released almost on a regular basis. You will find many Omni Tech Support review articles for these apps here, on this website.

Microsoft releases an updated version of Skype app for Windows Phone

Skype is now the main chat network for all Microsoft platforms. All their other chat networks like Windows Messenger and MSN are now merged to Skype. In other words, if you want to experience the latest improvements in Microsoft chat services, you have to ditch the old chat client programmes and upgrade to Microsoft Skype.

Recently, Microsoft added photo sharing and conversation history options to the Skype app for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 OS. These improvements will be there in the Skype app version 2.2. So, check the version number of the Skype app in your smart phone and make sure that it is updated to version 2.2.

Photo sharing is indeed easy in Skype 2.2. You can directly share the image file with other Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 users as well as your friends, who are using iPhones. If you have any friends, who are using any other platforms than the ones mentioned above, you can still share it indirectly by sending the image as a URL link. Those recipients can open the image by clicking on this URL. In short, the photo sharing – in one form or the other – is possible with all the different smart phone operating systems, if you are using Skype 2.2 on Windows 8 or 8.1 phones.

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The other newly introduced option is the Conversation History feature. You can now go through the previous chat sessions with each of the stored contacts in the Skype app. This feature will come handy, when you have to refer to some old conversation with a colleague to clarify some matter.

Of course, these are not the only changes present in the new Skype app version. Microsoft has improved the overall performance of the app, added a new option for organising your contacts into favourites and included more text markup features. This new text markup support will help with the text font options for Bold and Italic.

So, get the latest Skype app from the Windows Store. For more information about the other Windows 8 apps, you may go through the Omni Tech Support review articles posted here.

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Fixing Slow Computer Issues

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Is your computer running slow? Slowness of the PC is a very common issue and there can be a number of reasons for this. It can be caused due to low physical memory, low RAM, software conflicts, presence of viruses and many more. PC slowness is very common but the solution to this issue can be much complicated. If you are not well versed with computers, it will be a much difficult task for you to get rid of this issue. In such a situation, the best solution is to get help from the different tech support firms. The technicians at these firms will help you resolve the issue efficiently and quickly. One of the best tech support firms is Omni tech support and their assistance is offered for a fee.

One of the reasons of computer slowness can be conflicts between software programs. For example, trying to install two different antivirus programs can make your computer crawl like a snail. These programs can conflict and eat up the available memory, making your PC extremely slow. General computer users may not know this and will wonder what happened to their computers. This is just one among the causes and there can numerous other reasons. If software conflicts are leading to computer slowness, you will have to remove the conflicting software from your computer to make it fast.

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The tech support executive will be able to find the exact cause of the issue and then resolve it quickly. Virus infections can also make your PC slow. Viruses and malwares are self-replicating programs and insert copies of themselves into other programs in the PC, data files, or boot sector of the HDD. Computer slowness is just one symptom of virus infection. If your computer is infected by a virus, other programs in the PC will not get the resources attached to the PC and this will lead to slowness. Removing viruses is a tricky process and will need much experience. If virus infection is causing PC slowness, it is better to contact a tech support firm to get rid of the virus.

If you wish to know more on the causes of computer slowness and their solutions, you can contact the Omni tech support team. They will be able to provide you more information on this and will help you get rid of the computer slowness issue efficiently.

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Configuring Email With Mail App

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Recently Microsoft disclosed the webmail Outlook as a free email service. You can still manage to get a descent email address even if webmail Outlook is working on a new domain. As a webmail, it is possible for the users to check mail anywhere. It is also possible to configure users’ Outlook webmail with the help of an email app like Mac OS X Mail app or any other standard app that works on POP3.

It is relatively easy to configure webmail on such email apps, but there are chances of facing issues with the automated process the Mail app works on. Let us discuss about the manual setting of Outlook on the app, in case you face issues with the automated setup. Moreover, an OmniTech support review suggests that manual setup is better than the automated setup. In case you want POP3 as incoming and SMTP as outgoing mail servers, here is some information that would be helpful.

  • for Incoming Mail Server POP3
  • for Outgoing Mail Server SMTP
  • for IMAP server

Use SSL and ports 587, 465 or 25 and SSL for outgoing server. Assuming that you have created an email account already with, we shall move ahead to configuring it manually to the email app. Here are Outlook support steps to configure your email.

  • Open the Mail App, pull the Mail menu and select Preferences from the same.
  • Now click on the Accounts tab and then click on the + icon, in order to add a new account.
  • As per your preferences, enter the Email Address, and your full name along with the Password. Click on Continue to initiate the automatic setup process.

    Outlook Support

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  • Choose POP3 or Pop3.Live.Com for the incoming server and choose the account type as POP.
  • Select SMTP or Smtp.Live.Com as the outgoing server and SMTP as the account type.

At the end of the setup, try sending a test mail to your account to make sure everything is working as expected. You can follow the same procedure on iOS with the same inbound and outbound mail servers.

According to the OmniTech support review, you can setup the email addresses with other webmail services in the email app the very same way. In case you have queries about the same, visit the frequently asked questions or FAQ section in our page to know more on different steps involved and Outlook support for the same.

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