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My computer used to work fine for the past 1 year. However, since last month, it started showing up different troubles. First, it started to respond slower to my mouse clicks. Whenever I double-clicked on a program, it took several minutes to come up. I was very much annoyed by the issue and asked the support of one of my friends. He suggested me to seek the service of any technical support companies and told me that they would fix the issue in no time.

I found that there are numerous technical support firms in the market and I did not know which one to choose. Finally, I decided to avail the services of Omni Tech Support. I made this decision since I found that majority of its customers were happy with the service and many of them gave it a five star rating. However, before making the decision, I was a bit worried and therefore searched on topics like Omni Tech Support scams. However, I did not find any believable results on the topic, Omni Tech Support scams. With this, I was quite sure that it was the best technical support firm in the country.

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I signed up for one of the packages offered by the company and soon I was connected with the technical support executive. Working with this technician was fun. He was very friendly and listened to all my complaints about the PC patiently. Then, he started working on my computer and soon, I found that he really is an expert. He searched different locations on my computer to find out if it was infected with viruses. He made sure that no viruses were infected and then started doing a tune up of the PC.

He ran a few tools on my computer to tune it up. He told me that there were several unwanted files and programs running on my computer. I was surprised to find many programs in the computer, which I never used. He asked my permission and removed these programs from the PC. Once the process was over, he restarted my computer.

Once I was back on the desktop screen, he asked me to check the speed of the computer. I opened a few programs and browsed through a few websites. I was amazed with the results. The PC is now working just as it was on the day I bought it. I am so happy with the support provided for me and I have decided to avail the support from Omni Tech for all my computer related issues in the future.

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Running Android Apps On Your PC

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        Android Emulator Support

There are many uses of Android Emulator. Using this software, you can create an Android platform as part of the software itself. Within the walls of the platform, you can download and install any Android App of your selection. You will be able to test out various features of the App. As we can see, this software finds application by Android programmers. They can test out the Apps they made and make changes to it from within the computer itself.

One of the most popular Android emulator apps is Bluestacks. However, this app has its issues. Users have to upgrade their systems from time to time in order to be able to use it. Moreover, this small software requires an extremely powerful computer in order to work! The minimum technical specification to run this software is 2 GB RAM, a moderately powerful processor and a good graphics card in order to run the application software. On the off chance that you do not have the required configuration, you will have to resort to using alternative Apps.

Here’s a short list of Android Emulators that Bluestacks users would love. Most OmniTech Support scams suggest malware applications. In order to mitigate such issues, it is better to check authentic OmniTech Support reviews of the software in order to check if it is genuine.

Youwave Emulator

This software can be installed even in low-end PCs. However, although it may be a light App, it has all the features up to boot. Check out the 10 day free trial of the program and purchase the paid version if you are satisfied by it.

The Android SDK emulator

Software Support

           Android App Scams

The best advantage of this software is that it has been designed by Google itself. It allows you to test and use Android apps with minimal installation requirements as well as provides use of several other tools and software support which many other apps do not feature.

The Jar of Beans Android Emulator

If you want to test out heavy graphics dependant Apps, it is best to go for this software. Jar of Beans has an extremely friendly user interface and works on a 1280 x 768 resolution. Thus, you will need high resolution screens to work this app.

Any of these applications can be used as a replacement for Bluestacks. At times, the software support may cost you money. However, the price you pay for will be well worth the product you get. Do check out the reviews in the genuine OmniTech Support site or you are likely to be fooled by OmniTech Support scams into downloading some malware.

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Set Outlook Express As Your Default Email Client

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Considering the popularity of email client programs, we have posted many OmniTech Support reviews and tech support guides here that would be of assistance to the not-so-tech-savvy users. For example, if you are not familiar with using an email client program, you might not know how to set it as your default email application and this would mean that you have to choose the application every time you open an email message in your computer. So, here is how to set Outlook Express as your default email client.

Steps to follow

In most cases, Outlook Express might already be set as the default email application in your computer. However, this might not be the same always, and you may have to change the settings and make Outlook Express your default email client manually.

To do that, go to the Run command box in the Start Menu after closing Outlook Express email client, if running. Now, enter the command msimn /reg in the pop-up box, and wait for a few seconds. You will see a message or dialog box appear on the screen.

If not, just launch Outlook Express, go to the Tools menu, and then, select Options. Select the General tab you see there. There you will see the heading Default Messaging Programs. Select the option Make Default and click on OK to save these settings. Outlook Express will be set as your default application now.

Tech Support Guides

          Contact OmniTech Support

If you were installing Outlook Express separately, the installation wizard would ask you to set it as the default mail client in your system. You just need to select this option as you proceed with the installation. If not, when you are running Outlook Express for the first time, you will be asked to set it as the default application.

If you have ignored all this before, you can still make it the default email application by following the steps mentioned above. Keep in mind that whenever you install another email client, these settings might also be altered. So, make sure that you check the default email client status of Outlook Express after you installed any new email program in the system.

Actually, Outlook Express is a very old email client. The last version was released back in 2001. Go through the OmniTech Support reviews provided here on the latest email client programs available and pick one that suits your needs better.

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Omni Tech Support – How Technical Support Can Decrease Downtime

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    Omni Tech Support Fraud Information

With the use of computers in our lives, humans have become over dependent on the technology. There are so many things that the people are using the computers for that even when it is stops working for a short time, it can affect various important activities. With the ever increasing penetration of computers in our activities, slightest problem has the potential to create huge issues. This is true mostly in case of businesses. You will not find a serious business without a computer being used. It is literally impossible to do certain business processes without using the computers. So they exist now, and they will probably continue existing in one form or the other in the future.

Since the world without computers is unimaginable, we have to deal with the variety of problems that occur, while computers are being used regularly. Since computers are human made, there are issues that can occur any point in time.  No matter how excellently a particular computer is developed, it may suffer from one or the other issue one day or the other. There is no computer in the world that will function without problems eternally.

With the increasing number of computers and computing devices in use, the number of issues associated with the complex electronic device has also considerably increased. It is bound to increase in the future. Since there are so many computers, the issues concerning the computers are also many.  Huge businesses, like the MNCs, take care of these issues by forming a dedicated IT department to handle issues concerning information protection, computer issues and networking.

third party technical support

      What Omni Tech Support Fraud

At the same time, it is the smaller businesses, who suffer due to lack of funds to devote a department for dealing with technical issues. Small businesses have to take help from third party technical support services, most of which are available on demand.  Some of them, as our Omni Tech Support fraud alert would like to warn computer users, might be scams. Again, Omni Tech Support fraud alert would like to warn users to beware of such scams.

Omni Tech Support is a technical support company, which knows what it takes to provide quality technical support. Unlike some of the scams, OTS believes in providing some of the best services at affordable rates.

There are a variety of support features available at your disposal. OTS promises to deliver the best IT solutions at great prices.

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Speeding Up Outlook 2007

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        PC Tech Support

Outlook 2007 comes packed with features, which can make work a breeze. There is a price to pay for this however; the email client eventually gets bogged down from all the heavy machinery. I have a Core 2 Duo system with 2GB of RAM, and Outlook takes 20 seconds to load for me to start working on it. Also, it’s slow to respond most of the time. I’ve since discovered a few measures, which can set this right.

  • Delete the attachments. At least, get rid of the ones you don’t need any more. You don’t have to delete the messages these are attached to. Just sort them by size and open and delete the attachments, which weigh the most. Save the email message before you close it, and repeat this with every heavy message.
  • Split you email. There’s an automatic archiving option, which is enabled by default, but maybe you didn’t need it when youstarted using Outlook. This option lets you keep older mail in a separate file, especially if you don’t check those messages often. Outlook will perform faster, if it doesn’t have these to get through every time you start it up. Go to File > New > Outlook Data File. Provide a name for the new file, and this will show up on the left. Sub folders can be added too, in case you want there to be a specific hierarchy in the setup. When this is done, select all the email addresses you want to temporarily dump, and drag them to the new archive folder. When Outlook loads the next time, it will be faster for not having to go through these emails. Your PST file size will also be diminished significantly.

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            Software Support

  • Condense your PST file contents. You have a built in compaction option, which you can access by right clicking on the personal folder and selecting Properties. Choose the Advanced setting and then, select the Compact Now option.

If you can’t launch Outlook for some reason, or face other problems while using it, call OmniTech Support. Testing OmniTech Support is a great way to find a technical support service you can depend on in the future.

Our wide customer base comprises customers, who would vouch for the speedy and convenient assistance we provide. Many of them started out testing OmniTech Support, and they have turned to calling us for every technical problem they now face.

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